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Nice to Meatza!

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By Coach Janelle Conners

I was spotted at the grocery store the other day buying a take-n-bake pizza (oh, the horror!)  It was for Mazzy, really!  Now, I’m not opposed to a delicious slice of pizza now and then – but I have been trying to stick with the “Nutrition Challenge” guidelines (save for that dinner at CK’s, dessert for my sister’s birthday, dessert for Mazzy’s birthday, and birthday brunch at the Konditorei – their pastry case is amazing!)

I feel like I go to the grocery store pretty much every day; Atkinson’s to be specific.  But lately, I’ve been shopping at Albertson’s a little more, as my now nine-year-old daughter, Mazzy, is trying to win a 138” flat-screen LED (pronounced ‘lead’, by her) TV in their Monopoly game.  It’s terrifying: the shopping, not the Monopoly (you may beg to differ).  I have to actually think about where I’m going.  I wander the aisles, backtracking several times because I can’t remember where they keep the olives.

In a recent adventure to Albertson’s, I found grass-fed ground lamb in the freezer section at a good price per pound.  At the time, I was thinking of making kofta (meat on a stick!) but I ran out of time to soak my skewers (for a minimum of six hours! who does that?) and our grill is still buried in the snow.  It just so happened that the lamb was thawed the same night I bought said take-n-bake pizza.  And I wanted pizza too!  I tried a great recipe for ‘Meatza’ from Melissa Joulwan’s cookbook, Well Fed.

Long story short, I was able to throw together my ‘Meatza’ while the ‘real’ pizza was in the oven and in between helping Maz with her tri-fold display board for school, cleaning the kitchen, and letting Kona (our new puppy) and Zoey (our other dog) in and out of the backyard… Multiple times.  I used the ground lamb for my crust, Muir Glen pizza sauce, and a mixture of chopped, cooked frozen veggies, baby greens, and Kalamata olives for the toppings (piled high!)  I have to say it was delicious, and I was hardly tempted by Mazzy’s pizza!

This is a great recipe for a quick dinner, movie night, or casual party.  You can get creative with different kinds of meat for the crust and the topping options are endless.  I would stick to veggies and fats for your toppings; meat on meat pizza is a bit over the top!

And because March may bring brown-vested Scouts to your door, I’ve included a couple of recipes for some delicious treats to use in defense of any temptations!  Happy March cooking!

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