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2016 CrossFit Team Series

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Grab three friends (or frenemies). It’s time for the annual CrossFit Team Series! Registration is live and the first events are announced on Tuesday September 6th. Think of this as an extended version of the CrossFit Open that we all took part in during February…only this time you are training along side 3 of your favorite workout partners.

Team Series Overview

The Team Series tests the fitness of four-person teams, two men and two women.

It starts Sept. 6, with the release of multiple team workouts. Teams will have six days to get together, complete the work, and submit their scores before the deadline: 5 p.m. PT, Sept. 12. Less than a month later, CrossFit will release the final set of team workouts, which will take place Oct. 4-10.

Teams will be able to choose between two versions of each workout: Rx’d or Scaled.

There will be three divisions: Open (all ages), Teenage (14-17) and Masters (40+).

Registration is $80 for the vast majority of teams. Sponsored teams with brands in their team names will pay $500.

Competition Schedule

After the release of each set of workouts, teams will have six days to complete the work and submit their scores. The two-part series will be held on Sept. 6-12, and Oct. 4-10.

Get your team together and REGISTER today!

If you have questions, ask a coach at the gym or email us at